Life Coaching

IEliza Connor is a life coach, goal coach  and leadership trainer. With an unbridled passion for living fully expressed, Eliza enjoys partnering with those she works with to examine and make appropriate shifts in their choices – big, small, and moment to moment – that reflect their purpose, values & wholly authentic self. 

Eliza is licensed to lead Lightyear Leadership Level One, a self-leadership methodology that develops and empowers individuals, communities and companies to rapidly and radically transform themselves and the world. She studied with Coby Kozlowski, yoga and leadership teacher, for her life coach training. She is currently working full time for lululemon athletica as a training manager for their leadership development team. Eliza has her BFA in drama from New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where the countless hours in studio training have translated directly to her path in leadership as she continues her practice in being present, listening deeply and using all the senses to create a transformative experience. 

Eliza has worked with individuals and led workshops all over the country on topics including Purpose & Legacy, Vision & Goals, Values & Goals & Communicating Authentically.

Working with Eliza: 
Ground and Goal: 
Book a one-time session with Eliza to get clear on your long-term and short-term goals, aligned with your values, to authentically tailor your experience at Coastal Retreat. 
$50 for one 45-minute session 

Purpose, Perspective & Possibility: 

Book a coaching package with Eliza to dive deeply into self-leadership and self-growth through the exploration of purpose, vision, values and identifying and clearing habitual patterns that hold you back from living your most authentic and fulfilling life. 

$125 for three 45-minute sessions

You might find yourself partnering with Eliza if…
  • you are ready to make some choices in your life to bring more joy and fulfillment and want some support in knowing what those might be and how to navigate them.
  • you are moving through a life transition: between careers, loss of a loved one, new parent, parenting at all stages, ending or beginning new relationships, academia to workforce, and almost any other point in life that invites you to question your purpose and contribution
  • you are continuously ‘stuck’ in the same rut – and are ready for a fresh approach & challenge to navigate through it
  • you want to expand your self-awareness, increase your fulfillment in more areas of your life and feel challenged in a loving environment