Pilates Instructors

Annie Pokrywka, a movement specialist for over 17 years, is passionate about teaching others how to move their bodies more efficiently, with more control and awareness. There is a difference in moving and moving well.
Annie holds a BS in Kinesiology from UMCP and was an American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Specialist before starting her Pilates career in 2000. She earned both Mat and Comprehensive Pilates certifications through the PhysicalMind Institute at the Body College in Washington, DC. Later, she added Standing Pilates and Pilates for Golf certifications. Seeing how Pilates is beneficial for every demographic, Annie has taken specialized workshops for pre/postnatal women, children, and scoliosis. Most recently, Annie was added to the WITS faculty, teaching Personal Training courses at local community colleges.

What she finds fascinating is how Joseph Pilates was truly ahead of his time. He had the foresight to see how modernity and sedentarism would adversely affect our physiology, from work stress to furniture design faults. Where Pilates left off, other systems Annie studies, like Anatomy Trains, Gymnastics Bodies and Nutritious Movement, have picked up and filled in the gaps. Annie will forever be a student of the wondrous human body and will excitedly continue to convey her knowledge to her students/clients.


Ren Boettger began her journey as a Pilates instructor rather recently but has already developed a deep rooted passion for the art of Controlology.  Ren has a background

 in ballet, starting as a young child and has been practicing Yoga for the last 20 years.  By day, she is a Physical Therapist Asst with a specialty in Acute Care and treats hospitalized patients to regain functional mobility after prolonged illness.  She is especially drawn to the Pilates method of exercise because of the focus on strengthening, lengthening and balancing the body in a safe and effective way that can be tailored for any physical level and become a life longpractice.  She truly believes that finding your own passion for movement will improve every aspect of life allowing one to lead a meaningful and joyful existence.    Ren lives with her husband Ben, and two ornery children on the beautiful Choptank River in Cambridge, MD. 


Karen Knauss, RYT 200, Physical Therapy Assistant and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Karen blends her physical therapy background with alignment-based yoga instruction.  Trained at Willow Street Yoga Center by Maria Hamburger, Joe Miller and Natalie Miller, Karen continues studies in children’s yoga through Radiant Child, is a certified stand-up paddle board instructor,  and is a certified Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) leader.






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