Pilates Classes

1:1 Individual Session

Individual and Duet Sessions (55 minutes) are for:

  • beginners
  • those with special needs
  • those desiring a personalized lesson

Group equipment

Group Equipment classes are perfect for students with experience on the Reformer and familiarity with the basic Pilates repertoire. During a group class, a certified Pilates instructor  will lead students through a safe, challenging series designed to strengthen and condition the entire body.

Group Equipment classes are limited to 4 participants and advanced sign-up is requested. (55 minutes)

Beginner – Mondays at 5:30 PM


Using your body as the machine, we will work head to toe, inside and out, stretching through strength.  The core of the work is the classic Pilates mat repertoire with GST (gymnastics strength training) and corrective exercise diversions as needed. (55 minutes)


A full-body workout that combine ballet-based movements, weight conditioning, core-focused exercises, and stretching.  An incredible workout for the core and legs!  Sticky bottom socks are recommended.  (55 minutes)

Standing Strength and flexibility

Standing work is dance-inspired, challenging your balance and muscle endurance.  Concepts from dance, barre, Lotte Berk, Physique 57, Tracy Andersen, yoga and Pilates are all combined to work your body in non-linear ways. Standing class focuses heavily on the lower body. Lots of attention will be given to foot and ankle mobilization and strength to fight fallen arches and unions. We will learn proper standing alignment to combat issues like knee pain and osteoporosis. The most powerful joint in the body, the hip complex, is often times mis-/underused, so learning proper biomechanics is paramount. Sticky bottom socks are recommended.  (55 minutes)

Mixed Circuit – Coming SOon

This class has more of an open gym feel.  After a uniquely specified number of *prerequisite individual sessions*, students are given a personalized program to practice semi-independently.  Use a little bit of everything the studio has to offer for fun and variability!  (45 minutes)

*individual sessions are prerequisite for safety precautions and thorough instruction.


PRICING                                 SINGLE  /  5 SESSIONS / 10 SESSIONS

Private lessons                                                                  75     / 350 ( 70 each) /  600 (60 each)

Duet lessons                                                                      100 (50 each)

Group Equipment                                                            30    / 125 (25 each) / 220 (22 each)

Group Non-equipment                                                  18  /  80 (16 each) / 140 (14 each)