December 8, 10-5 PM


You are invited to join us for two days of training and deep healing exploring Nada Yoga or ‘Union with Sound’. Discover how Sound Healing, the ‘medicine of the future’ can be integrated into your life and professional practice to enhance positive therapeutic outcomes.   Together in sacred circle you will cultivate a deep connection with the beautiful quartz crystal bowl instruments and unveil your authentic voice through vocal toning – awakening your soul.   Through this fun, hands on and highly experiential workshop, you will be able to become more aware of sounds effect on our being and how to use sound to bring more harmony to every facet of your life.

Included in the training:

*  A sound healing session by Patricia offering a unique experience for each participant.
*  An overview of the fundamentals of Sound Healing thru informative power  point and video.
* Discussion of The 6 Energetic Layers that create who we are 
*  How Sound and intention effect us physically and energetically 
*  Innovative, fun and devotional vocal toning exercises for daily rituals and group circles. 
*  Learn the Tom Kenyon method of sensing energy and using voice as catalyst for change
*  Many creative applications for using the bowls for wellness & ceremony. 

                                                                      Upon completion of Sound Immersion One you will:

 • Be familiar with the fundamental knowledge of Sound, its History, How it heals us & Research
 • Create a Daily Vocal Toning practice
 • Know how to create playful, devotional and healing  vocal tones for self and others,
 • Demonstrate refined techniques for playing the quartz crystal bowls and various applications. 
 • Feel amazing from deeply transformative healing sessions 
 • Be totally Motivated & Inspired, while feeling more Joyful and Alive!! 


Patricia Norton is a contemporary Sound healer who creates grace-filled spaces with carefully handcrafted soundscapes for the enhancement of human energetic systems. She is the founder of Sound Immersion LLC,  and has been sharing the potency of Sound through group and private sessions, transformative retreats and certified trainings since 2008.  Her sessions are further enhanced as a Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire systems and as a Shaman practitioner.  As a student of Tom Kenyon, it is her passion to create sound journeys to place where the mind is empty and the Sound is full, unlocking the emotions held within your cellular memory, thus, balancing the body, mind, heart and soul.  The ancient process of Agnihotra to heal the atmosphere is the foundation to all of her spiritual practices.  For the last 5 years Patricia has worked as a sound healing practitioner in the Out Patient Infusion Center at Mount Sinai Hospital with Chemotherapy patients and Acute Care patients. Patricia is also a guest lecturer for The University of Maryland Center of Integrative Medicine’s 200 level yoga teacher trainings and was a guest teacher for University of Maryland medical students.  Patricia is the stewardess of a beautiful 28 acre farm in Westminster, Maryland is where she connects with the sacredness of land. 

monthly Sound Immersion with patricia norton

A sonic environment is created using a variety of instruments including quartz crystal and Himalayan bowls, gong and rain stick, along with mantra, vocal toning and chant. Every sound journey is different as it is essentially an intuitive process requiring deep sensitivity as to what is needed and the choice of sounds used. The instruments are played around and over you, and sometimes on you, so you can feel the vibrations of the instruments. Sound with heartfelt intension bypasses the analytical hemisphere of the brain allowing the creative and intuitive hemisphere to have free reign. Harmonic sound incites a deep relaxation and letting go as the tones act as keys to unlock denser energy held within the physical, emotional and etheric bodies and the unconscious mind. Relax, enjoy and bathe in a shower of soothing tones. $35/class

Previously held workshops - stay tuned for or request their return!

Change your Viewpoint: Inversion workshop

Sometimes we need to “change our viewpoint” on things that get us down, and move towards more trust and faith in the innate goodness of humankind! This is one reason I’m excited to offer a 3 hour workshop on Inversions, the poses that help us to literally see things from a different perspective.
Saturday, March 2nd, 10 AM - 1 PM
Whether you’re a teacher or a student, in this workshop you will:

1. Safely learn the 4 main Inversion Poses: Full Arm Balance (Handstand), Forearm Balance, Headstand & Shoulderstand

2. Learn why these poses are so amazingly important as well as contra-indications

3. Learn preparatory poses & modifications of Inversions

4. Learn the safest sequencing of Inversion Poses

5. Teachers will learn tips for teaching Inversions and physical assists and adjustments.

What lies beneath: The Pelvic Floor
with kathy valentino, physical therapist

Want to learn what makes a Pelvic Floor Therapist Angry?
Incontinence Panties.
The marketers tell you that you need them - Kathy Valentino, Physical Therapist, will tell you the other side of the story: That the Pelvic Floor can be strengthened and healed.
Join us on Thursday, August 2nd, as Kathy explains the Pelvic Floor:
-What does it do?
-What happens when it isn't functioning properly?
-How to heal and/or strengthen the pelvic floor
And most importantly
-How to avoid wearing incontinence garments!
Free Event! Sign Up Here


Ongoing COURse throughout 2018

check mindBody for updated dates and times

Join us for a transformative journey, led by talented healers, life coaches, energetics masters and internationally sought-after teachers. We are creating a space for incredible growth opportunities in 2018, on a personal and community level. If you are ready to go deeper, learn more about yourself, your passions and the reasons that you grace this Earth, we invite you to join us.

Who: Intended for anyone who is interested in or regularly practicing healing work and/or ANYONE who is looking for transformation. Hoping to have a mix of experience levels in the group!

Where, When: Coastal Retreat – Easton, Sundays – next date coming SOON!

How much: Investment is individually priced. Determine what the value of this experience will be for you and pay accordingly. There is no minimum and no maximum. We only ask that you make a commitment to yourself and to the group to be present and support your transformation and the transformation of others.

Workshop Leaders:

Sherry Pae:
Sherry brings decades of awareness and “being the work” to all that she does. An intensive care nurse for twenty-one years, Sherry is also a CranioSacral therapist and an early graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), both the undergraduate and advanced teacher training programs. Continuing at BBSH as a teacher, Sherry became an academic advisor to its founder and to the American and European curriculums, as well as an innovator and head of departments such as Integrative Care and Advanced Studies. Sherry also served as a class dean, a school dean and as vice-president of BBSH.

Sherry expanded her study at the Center for Intentional Living, graduating from their program in integrative psychology. She is also an authorized Continuum teacher. Sherry’s education incorporates psychology and the human energy field as well as a deep understanding of the human body. She has taught throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and in the Middle East, combining her knowledge of the physical body, energy and consciousness in the service of awakening and healing.

Sherry’s current focus is serving as founder, elder counsel and facilitator for The Spirit of Ubuntu, a non-profit association that supports individuals and groups in consciously living with the awareness “I am because of you, we are because of one another, and how we are in relationship with one another and all life determines our humanity”.

Patricia Pfost, MBA, CCEP:
Patricia is Director of Education and Communications at the RA/CE Institute. She is a Core Energetics practitioner, a Brennan Integration Work practitioner and a consultant to spiritually aligned institutions (and those who would like to be) where she creates intentional bridges between spiritual inspiration and practical program implementation. She has been a faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the U.S. and Europe since 1995 and is currently dean of the Advanced Studies, Brennan Integration Work Program at BBSH in Miami. Patricia earned an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a graduate of the Center for Intentional Living program in integrative psychology and the undergraduate and teacher-training programs of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the Institute of Core Energetics under the direction of John Pierrakos, M.D. She is a student of non-dual teachings and a resident of the Zen Center of Los Angeles. A Dynamic Facilitation practitioner since 2004, Patricia pursues a passion for family and community conversations that access the peacemaking wisdom and breakthrough creativity of the collective.

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