Yoga Teacher Training led by Scientists.

Welcome to the all-in-one yoga training that will turn your dream into a career and profession.

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If you have found us here, we know we don't have to convince you to become a yoga teacher (maybe you already are). Your desire and passion to help others is what landed you on this page. 


Now the only question is...

Why enroll in a yoga teacher training when you can enroll in yoga college.

This training is intensive, long and in depth, much like spending a year in college, because that is what it takes to develop a new skillset, a new craft, a new profession. 


And that is what we want you to do.

What makes a good training?


One that allows you to enter the trade or profession at the end of your training, prepared, educated, and confident to do the work you want to do. 


That is exactly what this Yoga Teacher Training is for.


Hey there, Laurie and Gina here, and over the past 10 years, we’ve seen students enter and leave short-term yoga teacher trainings unprepared to teach. 


Lacking confidence. 

Missing critical skills. 

Looking for their next training or mentorship to take so that they can feel ready to teach a yoga class.

We were included in that group. We both started out in a traditional 200hour YTT, and jumped to another one, then week long programs, mentorships, weekend immersions and so on.


So when we sat down to create this training curriculum, we asked ourselves, “what does it really take to learn an entire new profession and skillset? ” 


This is how the Heart & Grit School of Yoga was founded and this training developed..

What makes a good training?


One that allows you to enter the trade or profession at the end of your training, prepared, educated, and confident to do the work you want to do. 


That is exactly what this Yoga Teacher Training is for.


Hey there, Laurie and Gina here, and over the past 10 years, we’ve seen students enter and leave short-term yoga teacher trainings unprepared to teach.


Lacking confidence.

Missing critical skills.

Looking for their next training or mentorship to take so that they can feel ready to teach a yoga class.

Our Teachers

You will be led by a team of yoga professionals with extensive backgrounds in scientific research, medicine and the mind-body relationship.  

This is Yoga College, led by folks who have spent A LOT of time in college.

Kristi Shaw

Job title

Gina ward

I am an educator, teacher, mentor, writer and purpose-driven entrepreneur. I am also an innovator and relentless in challenging the norm and striving to "do better." I am passionate about updating and improving the yoga industry so that we can become part of the health and wellness field at a professional level. So that we can get a seat at the table in the preventative health-care conversations and make an impact on the state of health and wellness in the world. ​ I strongly believe that yoga teachers have a responsibility to be as educated and skilled as any other health-care professional. That we owe it to our evolving industry. We owe it to our students. And we owe it to ourselves. I am here to solve a problem. There are too many trainings in the industry that simply do not prepare their trainees to step into the yoga profession (admittedly, I have led a few like this). Trainees are spending a few months and thousands of dollars only to be left feeling like they need yet another training. I believe we can do better. ​ I am proud of what Laurie and I have created and excited to bring a college level training to the industry. I envision a world where yoga is seen on the same level as physical therapy, functional medicine and other health-care modalities. I envision a world where yoga is covered by insurance. I envision a world where yoga's traditional philosophies and teachings are updated to meet the needs of the modern-day world so that we can bring it to each and every person in need. ​ ​ Gina has a Masters in Exercise Science and has taught at multiple colleges and universities and has hands-on experience in research and science labs in the areas of disease treatment and prevention. She has over 1500 hours of yoga training as well as personal training and group fitness certifications. She has been working with people in a group and 1:1 setting in the areas of fitness, health and wellness since 2001 and has trained and/or mentored nearly 100 yoga teachers.

Laurie Egrie

I am an educator, wellness advocate and yoga teacher. As an educator I am invested in bringing mindfulness and social emotional learning as a teacher coach to children and adults in Atlantic City. As creator of Elevate You Yoga and Wellness I offer classes and workshops that teach others to take care of themselves using the tools of yoga and mindfulness. I believe in the science and energetics behind yoga and have personally experienced the healing benefits physically and emotionally. ​ ​I was reintroduced to yoga in my late forties and the positive impact of yoga has transformed many areas of my life including: my relationships with others, self, educator and as a yoga teacher. I use my yoga practice as a place of self-discovery to explore and tend to my physical and emotional needs. It is where I release tension and stress, address injuries and reconnect with myself. As a yoga teacher I strive to do the same with my students as I have learned that being a yoga teacher is so much more than putting together poses and cues. Finding my ‘teacher voice’ has been one of the greatest gifts. ​ ​I’m excited to share this unique yoga training and year-long exploration of yoga, the study of self, mind and body with you. There were many elements of being a yoga teacher that I was not exposed to along the way, and we are bringing it all to you in this training. You will leave this training confident and with the skills of understanding yoga, the positive effects on the human body, and ready to share this practice near and dear to you. Laurie has over 500 hours in yoga training, including a speciality in yin and yoga nidra and energy specific modalities. She has developed several yoga teacher mentorship programs as well as programs and trainings to bring yoga and mindfulness into the local school systems. She is a Reiki Level Two practitioner and has done extensive training in the nervous system, trauma-informed yoga and sound healing. She is a social-emotional learning coach in the Atlantic County School System.

bonnie Tarantino

Job title

At the end of this training, you will have the education, hands on experience and skillset that you need to lead yoga classes, private sessions and workshops feeling prepared and confident. 


You will enter the yoga industry as a yoga professional.


If you sign up for more trainings down the road, it will be because you want to, not because you need to.

why this training?

As a Yoga Teacher you will be a professional in the health and wellness industry

As such, you must have an in depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and functional movement. You must also have an understanding of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and nervous system regulation. To be a true professional, you must go above and beyond learning pose names and "standard" cues.

And as a yoga professional, must also have an in depth knowledge of the subtle body, the energy systems, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques. 

You will spend a large majority of your time learning evidence-based science about the human body as well as energetic based healing practices. While most trainings require only 30 hours, you will get 100+ hours of study in this area.

Become a versatile yoga teacher; skilled in more than one style

During your career as a yoga professional, you will meet many people, all with different needs, that are always changing. You will also be asked, or desire, to teach different classes, with different purposes. This requires you to be knowledgable and experienced in more than one style of yoga.


In most trainings, you only learn to teach one style of yoga, often learning only one specific sequence that you are required to memorize. Not this training!


Over the course of the year you will not only learn to teach vinyasa, hatha, gentle, yin and yoga nidra, you will learn how to create your own sequences in each style. There is no rote memorization of sequences and cueing here, you will learn all the tools and skills needed to build intuitive sequences that are safe, well-balanced, and purposeful based in scientific methodology.

Yoga is multi-faceted; learn both traditional philosophy and modern-day science

Yoga has strong historical roots, with many different lineages and cultural backgrounds. It is important to learn the history of yoga, while also exploring how it has changed and evolved and how it can further evolve.

You will study the history and philosophy of yoga from a humanities point of view. You will read traditional, historical texts as well as modern-day scientific books and there will be open discussions around both, teaching the importance of yoga's roots while also asking you to use critical thinking to explore today's relevancy..

Develop your teacher identity, your brand, and learn the business

Here is an industry secret that no one wants to talk about, most yoga teacher trainings teach you only what you need to work at their studio and then only a handful actually get hired. And here is the kicker, many yoga studios do not hire outside of their own studio, because they know you are trained for just one thing. 


In this training you will learn all of the back end business aspects of yoga, including developing yourself as a brand and a teacher that is marketable to different types of studios. In addition, you will learn how to create yourself as a business, so you can teach outside of studios if you choose. 

You will develop the skills and business background needed to be independent from studios and the industry standard. You will get business coaching and consulting as part of your training.

This is an all-in-one training: classroom education, 1:1 mentoring, hands-on practicum

Most yoga trainings are solely group based, with limited hands on teaching experience and little to no one on one mentoriship. In this training, you get it all!

This training is made up of classroom education hours where you will learn the material. Also included are 17 hours of one on one time. This includes 6 hours of 1:1 mentoring, which is individually tailored to meet your personal teaching interests, shadow teaching 6 classes and teaching 5 full public classes during the training. Another benefit of this training is you will get extended teaching hours during group sessions as the training is limited to 6 students. It is small to ensure that you get the personal attention, education and practice that you need to be successful. 

Ultimately, this training is a traditional 200 hour, 300 hour and 1:1 mentoring package all wrapped up in one.

We believe that becoming a yoga teacher, a yoga professional, takes time, commitment and dedication. This training has been developed so that you get everything you need to learn your skill, your art, your craft from the get go.


This training is for first time trainees AND for those who have taken previous trainings, however this training is not for you if you do not plan to teach. While you will experience personal development during your 12-months with us, much of the focus will be on developed your teaching skills.


You will focus on professional development and career advancement.


You will enter the yoga industry as a yoga professional.

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