Beginner Friendly


Breath and movement are linked together in this mindful practice that incorporates alignment and vinyasa flow. Expect to build heat, release mental and muscular tension, and finally settle into deep relaxation. Open to all levels, beginner to advanced. Modifications offered to suit each individual practitioner.  TUESDAY, 8:30-9:45 AM, ANGELA


This is a beginner class or for those looking for a slower, more gentle and relaxing practice.  Suffer from an achy lower back? Stiffness or pain in your upper back or neck? Join us for a class focused on gently releasing back tension and discomfort. Ideal for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.  KEEP AN EYE ON THE SCHEDULE OR EMAIL US TO EXPRESS INTEREST


Chair yoga is the ideal way for people who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor to experience yoga.  It is also perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk and doing creative work.  Yoga is so much more than a fitness program for your body.  It is a fitness program for your mind and spirit as well.  Yoga allows for one to be more focused, aware, compassionate and connected.  In this class, we will learn to quiet our minds and strengthen our body as we practice different poses and breathing techniques.  All of our work will be done either seated or using the chair or wall as a prop while standing.  Balance work will be included in each session.   FRIDAY, 10-11 AM, ELEANOR, OXFORD


Brand new to yoga or looking to slow down a little?  Class includes a focus on proper alignment and sequences that build strength and flexibility. Modifications are offered to support or challenge students, as needed, with the intention of heightening the student’s awareness of their body, breath and sense of self.   MONDAY, 6-7 PM, CAROL, EASTON

Community YOGA

Free YOGA classes on Sunday evenings with a rotation of teachers and teacher trainees. SUNDAY, 5:30-6:30 PM, EASTON

GROUP EQUIPMENT Group Equipment classes are perfect for students with experience on the Reformer and familiarity with the basic Pilates repertoire. During a group class, a certified Pilates instructor will lead students through a safe, challenging series designed to strengthen and condition the entire body. Group Equipment classes are limited to 4 participants and advanced sign-up is requested. (45 minutes)


Using your body as the machine, we will work head to toe, inside and out, stretching through strength. The core of the work is the classic Pilates mat repertoire with GST (gymnastics strength training) and corrective exercise diversions as needed. (45 minutes)


A full-body workout that combine ballet-based movements, weight conditioning, core-focused exercises, and stretching. An incredible workout for the core and legs! Sticky bottom socks are recommended. (40 minutes) Monday, 4:15 PM, Ren, Easton