Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Are you new to the studio?

Here for Pilates? Yoga? Both? 

We have the package just for you!

Just visiting? In and out of town alot?


$ 30
  • Valid for Yoga/Barre/Aerial Classes

10 Class Pass

$ 240
  • $24/class
  • Valid for 90 days from purchase
  • Share with friends
  • Use in Yoga/Barre/Aerial Classes


$ 36
  • Valid for Pilates Equipment

10 Class Pass

$ 300
  • $30/class
  • Valid for 90 days from purchase
  • Share with friends
  • Use in Pilates Classes

Local and ready to dive in? Try one of our new student specials.

INTRO Unlimited

$ 56
  • Valid for Yoga/Barre/Aerial Classes
  • Limited to 1 per client
  • Pre-registration in classes is required
  • Valid for 30 days after first use

3 Individual Sessions

$ 150
  • $50/session
  • Valid for 45 days
  • A great way to get comfortable with a Pilates or Yoga practice through individual instruction

Pilates Class Memberships

Memberships come with the perk of reserved spots in class.


$ 108
  • 4 Classes
  • $27/class
  • Autorenewal
  • No Contract


$ 184
  • 8 Classes
  • $23/class
  • Autorenewal
  • No Contract


$ 252
  • 12 Classes
  • $21/class
  • Autorenewal
  • No Contract


$ 360
  • 20 Classes
  • $18/class
  • Autorenewal
  • No Contract

Yoga/Barre/Aerial Memberships


$ 80
  • 4 classes/month
  • Autorenewal
  • No contract


$ 108
  • Unlimited classes
  • Autorenewal
  • No contract

Unlimited Add-ON for Pilates Memberships

$ 48
  • add to any Pilates membership
  • Autorenewal
  • No contract

Why Choose Us


We are nerds and we know it.

We aren't Stuffy.

Do you like comfortable spaces and people? You'll fit right in.

We've been there.

Achy backs, wonky hips, hyper-mobility (or no mobility), anxiety and stress, chronic conditions. No body is perfect, but we can teach you to love your ONE incredible body.

We laugh. A Lot.

It's the best medicine.


Mat Pilates is the foundation of all Pilates, but it is also the most difficult form!  The equipment gives your body assistance in accessing Pilates exercises in the proper form, without needing to be in perfect shape to start your journey.  Honestly, for most of us living a modern day life (sitting, driving, texting, working on computers), the assistance of the equipment is NECESSARY to find proper form and progress in a safe manner.  So don’t be afraid of the equipment!  It’s here to help you, and the time to get started has never been more perfect than TODAY! 

The Reformer is an amazing piece of equipment that allows you to do an entire workout while laying down.  Do we lay down the entire class?  Not usually.  But could we?  Yep!  

The other amazing part of the Reformer is the ability to properly set the body in proper form while completing strength training exercises.  For those who have muscular imbalances, rotation in the pelvis, are rehabbing injuries, etc, the ability to properly set the body in correct alignment while completing exercises is pure magic!  We remove the guesswork of holding proper form and the muscles are retrained to hold proper alignment.

The Pilates Tower/Cadillac is more closely based upon the original Pilates mat-work, with a lot of extra bells and whistles (springs, pull-down bars, push-through bars).  Think mat work with resistance, lengthening, stretching – generally delicious, wonderful movement that feels supported!  While it can look intimidating, we regularly hear from clients that they LOVE THE TOWER (we do too!) and want it as part of their weekly Pilates routine.  

We have several options for new clients.  

  1. Sign up for our New Client Private Sessions – 3 sessions for $150.  You’ll receive 1-on-1 instruction on the equipment and we’ll be able to guide you to the appropriate class for your goals and body.
  2. Join our Beginner Pilates class on Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM.  (we have also offered this as a 4-week series in the past, keep an eye on the schedule).
  3. Reach out to us – depending on your fitness level and involvement in other movement practices, there’s always a gray area!

We are a full service studio and have all of the mats/props/equipment you’ll need for a supported practice.  

We recommend investing in a quality yoga mat for your practice and we offer mat storage.  Our studio is a retailer with Manduka and we have several mats available for demo if you’d like help in finding the right mat for your practice.

Sticky socks are recommended for Pilates, Aerial and Barre practices.  We sell ToeSox/Tavi socks at the studio if you are looking for high quality socks.

For any practice, please keep jewelry to a minimum to avoid snagging equipment, particularly Pilates upholstery and Aerial fabrics.  

Phones/Smart Watches/anything that beeps-chimes-vibrates….everyone is trying to close their “rings” these days!  But for the serenity of the yoga space, please leave your tech outside of the yoga studio. We do this as much for your personal decompression as for the decompression of your neighbors.  The  yoga space is your personal sanctuary away from daily life!  It’s sacred!  

(This does not apply to Aerial, where –  let’s be honest – phones routinely come out to take pics and videos of the fun that is had doing tricks and flips!)

We have a water cooler with hot and cold water in the kitchen area, a refrigerator if you need to keep anything cold and glasses and mugs for coffee and tea.

Absolutely!  Classes are subject to be cancelled or rescheduled depending upon registration.  Additionally, classes have registration cutoff an hour before class start.  If you aren’t on the registration roster, we don’t know to expect you!  

So please do us a solid, and let us know if you are coming to class so that we can plan accordingly.  We operate a boutique studio that caters to our clients needs and we plan our classes based upon our who is registered for class.  


New Student Offers:

  • The 3-Individual Session Offer is valid for 45 days from purchase. One purchase per student.
  • The New Student Unlimited Membership is valid for 30 days from first use and is limited to local students only.  One purchase per student.  May be used for all regularly scheduled classes, except equipment Pilates.

Regular Passes:

  • Drop-In Passes are valid for 30 days from purchase.

10-Class Pass Packages are valid for 90 days from purchase.

Memberships – the large print:

  • Unlimited Memberships include all regularly scheduled Yoga, Aerial, Barre and mat-based classes. Workshops and special event classes are not included. Bronze through Platinum memberships include all of the above + Pilates Equipment classes.
  • All memberships auto-renew monthly and autodraft/autocharge the client’s chosen method of payment (credit card/debit,etc).  
  • No contracts are required, but memberships must be cancelled by members to be discontinued.  
  • Memberships may be canceled by the member through the scheduling software or by emailing the business requesting a discontinuation.  A written confirmation from the business is required to confirm the cancellation.  Without confirmation, the client should not infer that the business has received the cancellation request.

Memberships – the fine print:

1. Membership commences on the date of sign up, and amount will be charged on that date of month each month unless otherwise noted.

2. All memberships paid monthly are not refundable in part or full after auto-draft has completed  under any
circumstances. Memberships paid in advance  are not refundable under any circumstances.

3. Should member set up the membership with a checking account number, member must still provide his/her
credit card information for back up purposes. Memberships cannot be set up without credit card information.  

4. Coastal Retreat is in no way, under any circumstances, responsible or obligated to pay for member’s
insufficient fund penalties, returned checks, and/or over the limit fees.

A $30 fee will be charged for all insufficient funds and returned checks.

5. Coastal Retreat retains the right to auto-draft member’s dues on the credit card given at the time of sign up
should the member’s bank account have insufficient funds and/or charge member for insufficient funds
penalties charged to Coastal Retreat due to member insufficient funds and/or returned checks at the time of
bank auto-draft.  

6. All memberships will renew automatically month-to-month. For cancellations, holds, and/or
changes to memberships for any reason, member must notify Coastal Retreat via email at at least 30 days prior to next auto-draft, putting “membership cancellation,
membership hold, or membership change” as subject heading of email. In return, Coastal Retreat will send a
confirmation via email after the changes have been made to the account. Member agrees that Coastal
Retreat could take up to 7 business days to respond.

7. All termination requests will begin 30 days from the written notice and can not be made within the first
month of membership. Any and all scheduled charges during those 30 days will process. We reserve the right
to not pro-rate purchases. Example: Your contract renews on the 14th of each month. April 1st a written notice to
cancel is received. April 14th’s charge for your membership will process. Your last day to attend is May 13th.

8. Once member has submitted e-mail request for any changes to membership, it is member’s responsibility
to ensure that Coastal Retreat has responded back on the same e-mail account to confirm processing the
request. Coastal Retreat is in no way, under any circumstances, responsible for member’s negligence in
checking their own bank statements to ensure that membership changes, holds, or cancellations have been
processed correctly. In the event of miscommunication member is responsible to produce a copy of their
request and response from Coastal Retreat for review. Only then, if Coastal Retreat did not perform what it
agreed to do, Coastal Retreat will reimburse any funds rightfully owed to member. In the event that member
cannot produce a copy of e-mail correspondence with Coastal Retreat then Coastal Retreat is not obligated
to, nor will refund under any circumstances, dues debited from member’s account.

9. Membership prices are subject to change. In the event of a change in membership price increase,
Members will be notified via email of any price increase to their memberships. They will be notified one month
or more prior to the change with the opportunity to submit a 30 day written cancellation or change notice.

10. Class schedule is subject to change without notice. Please check our website or app for up to the minute
changes, additions, and/or cancellations.

11. Memberships and class passes are non-refundable.

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