When's the last time you felt GREAT?

Something we hear – again and again – is that people come to us in pain, or tense, or unable to sit/walk/be comfortable for long stretches of time, but after spending a month or two of quality time with us, they aren’t living in the same discomfort.  They are living pain-free, or atleast in a lot less pain than they used to live in.  Or they are happier, less stressed, and feel more connected to other people.  Or maybe a combination of all of the above.

If you want to know how we judge the quality of our work – that is EXACTLY the standard that we hold ourselves to – we want you to be more comfortable, happier and more connected.  The world becomes a better place every time someone feels a little more free from pain, anger, loneliness or tension.  

So, are YOU ready to feel GREAT?

CIM assessment

Perfect for those in need of a one-time health evaluation to begin your better path to health.  

Billed once

Integrative medicine monthly membership

A perfect plan for anyone looking to address ongoing symptoms or make changes for peak performance.

$196 initial consult
$128/month thereafter
Billed monthly

integrative medicine PLus studio monthly membership

A plan tailored for those looking to add mindful movement and stress reduction techniques to their functional medicine journey.

$196 initial consult
$248/month thereafter
Billed monthly