February 8, 10-6 PM
FEbruary 9, 10-5 PM


You are invited to join us for two days of training and deep healing exploring Nada Yoga or ‘Union with Sound’. Discover how Sound Healing, the ‘medicine of the future’ can be integrated into your life and professional practice to enhance positive therapeutic outcomes.   Together in sacred circle you will cultivate a deep connection with the beautiful quartz crystal bowl instruments and unveil your authentic voice through vocal toning – awakening your soul.   Through this fun, hands on and highly experiential workshop, you will be able to become more aware of sounds effect on our being and how to use sound to bring more harmony to every facet of your life.

Included in the training:

*  A sound healing session by Patricia offering a unique experience for each participant.
*  An overview of the fundamentals of Sound Healing thru informative power  point and video.
* Discussion of The 6 Energetic Layers that create who we are 
*  How Sound and intention effect us physically and energetically 
*  Innovative, fun and devotional vocal toning exercises for daily rituals and group circles. 
*  Learn the Tom Kenyon method of sensing energy and using voice as catalyst for change
*  Many creative applications for using the bowls for wellness & ceremony. 

                                                                      Upon completion of Sound Immersion One you will:

 • Be familiar with the fundamental knowledge of Sound, its History, How it heals us & Research
 • Create a Daily Vocal Toning practice
 • Know how to create playful, devotional and healing  vocal tones for self and others,
 • Demonstrate refined techniques for playing the quartz crystal bowls and various applications. 
 • Feel amazing from deeply transformative healing sessions 
 • Be totally Motivated & Inspired, while feeling more Joyful and Alive!! 


Patricia Norton is a contemporary Sound healer who creates grace-filled spaces with carefully handcrafted soundscapes for the enhancement of human energetic systems. She is the founder of Sound Immersion LLC,  and has been sharing the potency of Sound through group and private sessions, transformative retreats and certified trainings since 2008.  Her sessions are further enhanced as a Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire systems and as a Shaman practitioner.  As a student of Tom Kenyon, it is her passion to create sound journeys to place where the mind is empty and the Sound is full, unlocking the emotions held within your cellular memory, thus, balancing the body, mind, heart and soul.  The ancient process of Agnihotra to heal the atmosphere is the foundation to all of her spiritual practices.  For the last 5 years Patricia has worked as a sound healing practitioner in the Out Patient Infusion Center at Mount Sinai Hospital with Chemotherapy patients and Acute Care patients. Patricia is also a guest lecturer for The University of Maryland Center of Integrative Medicine’s 200 level yoga teacher trainings and was a guest teacher for University of Maryland medical students.  Patricia is the stewardess of a beautiful 28 acre farm in Westminster, Maryland is where she connects with the sacredness of land.